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What You Need to Carry Everyday
about 4 years ago


While in your daily business you have to admit there are a number of things that you have to be in possession of that are very important. Chances are that some of the things you are carrying in your bag are not useful but you can do yourself a favor by changing them with useful things. Just for formality purposes you might have a wallet or a pocket knife with. Adding these items to your bag or purse will prove to be utmost help when you least expect them to be of service to you. These will prove to be of great help when you stock your EDC gear with them and will be of no disappointment.


You can admit it that having a wallet with just saves you from very many problems. Many people tend to undermine the importance of a wallet. There are some things that you definitely need to carry with you. Some of them maybe like the ID cards, business and visa cards not forgetting the money you need to spend. A wallet will keep them safe and reduce the chances of them getting lost. You will have the opportunity of choosing the best wallets that are in line with the material you want.


As a homeowner, you need that key chain as part and parcel. They could be your office keys, car keys and a friends duplicate. Having those keys each by itself is losing in disguise. Having your keys in a key chain will see to it that you don't lose them when you need them.


There is a great inseparable connection between you and your phone. It will ease your burden of having to carry a camera, pay for services with your phone and also act as a road map too. You have to be careful not to be fully dependent on your phone as your only ECD but as a part of the whole system. Check out Gear For Life for the best survival tools or read more about such tools.


Although not necessarily for security reasons, it is good to have a pocket knife. You might have not have encountered a situation where you need a pocket knife, but there's no reason to wait till it's too late. For the sake to beginners, you can consider just a small sharp knife instead of a long one and one that is too big. That doesn't mean that this is a weapon tool but it is just a tool and might have slots for bottle openers.


Having a flashlight with you will save you from great compromising situations where darkness is a concern.
A wristwatch basically becomes a must have in your ECD.A watch will go shouting your character and might even you respect before in front of other people. Many people opt to have their phone but having a wristwatch will save your time even in times when you cannot access your phone. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/08/go-bag-disaster-kit_n_5564459.html.

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