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What EDC Tools Should You Buy?
10 days ago


It may be due to complacency or ignorance but, the fact doesn't change that numerous people today do not put great importance on the things they carry every day and only go for the simple stuffs like their phones and their wallets. However, your everyday carry should not be something as simple as that, as it is important to have tools that will help you survive in case things go awry. It is critical that you are prepared for everything that could occur. What's great is that the industry has also recognized the need for an upgrade in your kit and you could buy numerous innovative EDC tools today. If you're wondering what tools to purchase, the simple guide below is certainly what you need when you shop.


You would have to first determine what items to purchase and this means that you need to know what kind of situations you need to prepare for. It is important to be as realistic as possible and ensure that you take everything into consideration, so you can be prepared as possible. You may not think of it now but, it would be best that you consider occasions like mugging, terrorism, or even natural disasters like earthquake or even typhoons, which may leave you in an unfavorable condition.


If you have your typical can opener on your bag, then it's a good start. A Can opener, cutter or any other individual tools may not be that efficient though, and it would be better to go for something like a multi-tool device that's more versatile. This device can come in a mini size and has features that will allow you to use it for different purposes. You could find a multi-tool device that can work as a screwdriver, a cutter, a can opener and other sort of functions you could think about. Having a tool like this is handy, since it's compact and can do a lot of things. Find the best deals on survival tools or visit gearforlife.com for more detials.


A source of light is always a handy piece of device to add to your everyday kit as it can help in different scenarios like simple brownouts, lockouts or even more serious problems like getting trapped in a collapsed building and many more. It would also be handy to have a survival whistle, as it can be critical in earthquake scenarios or times when you may get lost.


It goes without saying that a first aid kit should always be a priority to include in your bag. Although you may think it is a hassle, being ready for situations where you may need it, can save a life when the time comes. It is also essential to bring enough water and if possible, a portable water filter which could help you greatly should you end up with water sources which may not be that clean. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/08/go-bag-disaster-kit_n_5564459.html.

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